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New Intro New Intro

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Don't just upload an intro. Newgrounds is for finished products, not contentless junk that goes before said product.

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My New Intro! My New Intro!

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You appear to have forgotten the video/movie/game that follows this eight second introduction. Please rectify this.

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VivendmaYoutube responds:

That was done on purpose, you would know If you read the title..

Forest Project (Wip) Forest Project (Wip)

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Work in progress? Well then keep working on it, and then submit when it's done. The Portal is not a place for incomplete works.

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Volancoo Paradise [Pre-Alpha] Volancoo Paradise [Pre-Alpha]

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If it's not a finished game, and not anywhere near a finished game, don't upload it to the Portal, which is for finished products.

nororolf responds:

Hey jonthomson.
It's in very early stage. But there are allready some things implemented and it should show where the project goes.
Because it's very time consuming to make this project we deceided to make this showcase public now for feedback and for getting a community.
So we totally trust in the judgment system to decide whether it is ready or not.
Thank you for your feedback!

Triangle Sweeper Triangle Sweeper

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This might be OK if right clicking to flag something worked. It doesn't though, so it's basically a waste of time.

Niborious7 responds:

It definitely works for me. Try using chrome if you are having issues on other browsers.

Animated Intro Animated Intro

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It's an intro. That's great. Where's the movie that follows it?

SedatedHippo responds:

I will start putting movies with it, I'm really new to all this. I just wanted to see if it's a good piece of work in of itself.

I appreciate you taking the time to watch it.


Walk Test 1 Walk Test 1

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Do not upload tests to the Portal. Use Dumping Grounds for feedback. Your Krinkels ripoff is walking fine.

Madness test Madness test

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Do not upload tests to the Portal. Use Dumping Grounds if you need to know whether your one second loop of unoriginal Madness characters firing guns work, which it does.

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Aleksey33lol responds:

Again. Im new to newgrounds not flash this is my first movie/video on newgrounds btw thank for the help.

YT Channel Trailer 2017 YT Channel Trailer 2017

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No real place in the Portal. All it's doing is spamming your Youtube channel, which given what is displayed in the video has nothing but stuff that is better suited to the art portal or not suitable anywhere. Use it as an intro for something that's properly placed in the Portal, fine. As is, zero.

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Intro Intro

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Newgrounds is a place for content, not for a ten second clip that you place before the content.


Does anyone do gaming here