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I was playing snooker at the now destroyed (sorry, rebuilt) Warwick Student's Union, and I hear they've put the huge screen on downstairs, which only ever happens for football matches. We all saw what happened in New York then, but I've then thought randomly just now - what music was about then? Well, it wasn't quite at number one, but System of a Down had just released Toxicity. Which features this epic track, which is incredibly pertinent right now:

Right now, science has indeed failed our world. The level of fuckwittery about coronacold is unbelievable to the point where it's perfectly reasonable for people to believe all sorts of conspiracy theory bullshit, it's only Sweden that hasn't completely lost its fucking mind and I have seriously been looking for comparable jobs to my own across in Stockholm etc to get away from my country which is rapidly descending into East Germany/North Korea levels of control. But kids, the crisis is over. Have a listen to this video:

This explains the whole Covid situation much, much clearer than anything I've seen previously - while the guy is based in Ireland, there is plenty within here which is applicable to NGers everywhere, and it should more or less put away any sorts of fears you all have about it going forward. Apart from Wade, obv, but he seems a lost cause at this stage

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