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Don't upload tests.

SomeBloke23 responds:

I uploaded it because I wanted to know what I can improve on,so I only uploaded it for feedback

Really not good. It's five seconds, there's no background, only one thing happens... needs to be a heck of a lot longer with more stuff going on.

MBZretlair responds:

thx for good advises

Wasn't expecting to see a new Madness movie from the actual creator, and it's much appreciated to see the original article as opposed to the armies of ripoff merchants. Nice clean cut animation, nice violence, and the music fit quite nicely. I just felt it was way too long and nonsensical compared with earlier entries in the series, I didn't find the plotline and concept to really fit in with what I would have expected to see. Well worth the watch but definitely not one of the best in the series.

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Vaguely interesting shooting game if you can get past the excessive amount of adverts

Just realised that, by the looks of things, Russian doesn't have its own words for "beta" and "version". If it's not complete, don't upload it.

You released an alpha version of this game three years ago. This is seemingly still an alpha version. At this rate it will be in development for longer than Duke Nukem Forever was. Finish the game, you've had long enough.

TaifunRiders responds:

Giving a 0 because a game needs more than 2 years of development is not a very good way to rate it. Honestly, says more about you than about our game.
Usually games that need more development is because they are in general, better than games that need less development.
I understand that you want quantity, with the highest quality and quick. But this is almost impossible in real life.

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Not a fan of this track. Doesn't sound particularly drum and bassy at all, more like intermittent video game music and quasi-dubstep, track seems fairly incoherent as to where it wants to go. Others can probably find something here but it's not for me

Demonicity responds:

it's called Electronica its like dubstep/glitch hop but with reeses and drum and bass sounds
and the second drop is almost pure dnb but i really had some problems to choose wich id put it so i will change it to dubstep :D but i still thank you for the comment!

Average. Track doesn't go anywhere, loop is fairly generic, seems hugely one dimensional. It's not bad, but it's just lacking depth

I like this. Got a nice epic feel about it, not the sort of thing I'd usually listen to (seen link off Newgrounds' Facebook page), but good production and as stated below would have its uses in various places

Parazone and Fairy Liquid, if it's in a glass you'll drink it

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