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Generic Krinkels ripoff, no originality, not much happening, half of the movie is cutscenes, and then when things might get interesting you indicate it's a trailer. Don't continue this, come up with your own ideas and then complete a movie all in one go, this is going nowhere.

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VOUIP responds:

These are my ideas and there is no much similitary with Madness Combat .The "SOMEWHERE IN NEVADA" is used by all and is now a meme of the mc community . The cutsene are needed for a trailer but i'll try to reduce them.
But thank you for your comment .

Newgrounds isn't the place for contentless movies like this. Create something to go after the intro clip and upload it all as one.

laginlife responds:

sorry about that, I'll just post completed projects after this

Not a bad quickie, has a nice art style and works quite well. Worth a watch I'd say.

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"This game is in a pre-alpha state"? Then don't upload it. Newgrounds is for completed works, not demos, betas, alphas, pre-alphas (whatever that even means), this exists for no purpose other than to spam your Patreon. Come back when this is finished.

Nothing even slightly interesting that I didn't play on my phone nearly two decades ago. There's tons of Snake games on NG, you need to add something new

Don't submit tests. Little point in completing this game, nobody needs to see another Flappy Bird clone without any real new gameplay ideas, which this doesn't have.

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Not a fan of this track. Doesn't sound particularly drum and bassy at all, more like intermittent video game music and quasi-dubstep, track seems fairly incoherent as to where it wants to go. Others can probably find something here but it's not for me

Demonicity responds:

it's called Electronica its like dubstep/glitch hop but with reeses and drum and bass sounds
and the second drop is almost pure dnb but i really had some problems to choose wich id put it so i will change it to dubstep :D but i still thank you for the comment!

Average. Track doesn't go anywhere, loop is fairly generic, seems hugely one dimensional. It's not bad, but it's just lacking depth

I like this. Got a nice epic feel about it, not the sort of thing I'd usually listen to (seen link off Newgrounds' Facebook page), but good production and as stated below would have its uses in various places

Parazone and Fairy Liquid, if it's in a glass you'll drink it

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