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State of the Portal today

Posted by jonthomson - August 6th, 2018

News post, nearly five years ago, in relation to hitting level 60

Only 13 years in the making.

With great power comes great responsibility, so here comes my manifesto of what CRAP will be BLAMMED:

- all "match 3" games. We've seen enough.
- all dress up games. We've seen enough.
- all Madness rip-offs. Come up with your own ideas. Krinkels Day is an exception, but you're not Krinkels.
- all "tests", "previews", "alphas", "betas", "demos", "works in progress" etc. Nobody gives a shit. Show us it where you've finished it, if you must show it someone, post in one of the forums after sticking the file in your dumping grounds and ask for thoughts.

And nothing much has changed, although to be fair there's not many dress up games now. That said, points three and four seem to be merged into one, with the fourth seemingly exclusively used for various hentai style games that never get a full release ever and just continue to spam Patreon and use NG for advertising to say there's a newer version elsewhere.

I do feel somewhat sorry for those that are actually trying to put out new, original material, I don't have a huge amount of time to view things nowadays, but it's got to be hard unless you kill it from day one. You can't even get a review crew pick seeing how all the eastern euro Krinkels ripoff wankers will all circlejerk their shit with fives.

But as I don't want to make a post that's completely negative, here's a GTA speedrunner getting owned by variance from about the same time I made that original post



Comments (4)

i think we shoud look if its good
not blam things because it goes in a category
some match 3 games can have original ideas
and some people just want to make a fan madness animation
nothing wrong with it
as for alphas can we fun to play some demos too
to inspire maybe for a full version
i think alot of people care if you make something that can grow beautifuly
interesting post
i liked it

Another speedrun? Jeez

Gay weed is bad.
But, jokes aside I really hate those unfinished games that appear all over the place.

> 2069-51
> enough madness

u wot