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oh god, the rumble was terrible

Posted by jonthomson - January 31st, 2011

seriously. i'm so glad i didn't pay for that shite. i've not watched wwe in quite a while, but i always love the royal rumble match. shame it was so bad. let's look at why:

- edge/dolph was ok, but had such an obvious ending. spear is banned? i wonder if the ref/vickie will be knocked out at some point and he'll spear!
- orton/miz was terribad. so bad that the women's title match, which went on for at least five minutes too long, was better than it. even the doinks that were just behind the commentators were more interesting.
- actual rumble match is pretty much impossible to mess up, but they manage it. the only real bright parts were morrison's insane spot to avoid being eliminated, and miz interfering to eliminate cena. the whole nexus eliminating dozens of jobbers was dull (although punk is obv amazing), and the cena/hornswoggle segments just sucked. wtf diesel. it could have all been saved if marello eliminated adr at the end, but no.

at least michael cole was bringing his a game.

and at least it wasn't that abortion of a game called the pro bowl. please just end that shit already.

as has been noted elsewhere, was the manchester meet recently. good to catch up with some old people and meet new ones to put names to faces. shaln't waste people's time with any sort of writeup as other people have done it better already and i wasn't there for that much of it. might try to make london, but it's way too early to say.

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Isn't it just the worst when your favourite sport has terrible scripts? Wait...

what do you expect?

nothing but a bunch of speedo wearing , oiled up muscle heads with long, unwashed hair in staged mellow dramactic acting is all it is...

go watch octagon and that there is where REAL men go out for REAL blood.

yeah, I like the ufc as well, doesn't mean I can't also enjoy wrestling for what it is. If it's good. Which, last night, it wasn't

lol, wrestling

Booker T made my night.

I don't watch WWE now, because it became so shitty. No normal matches, no normal storylines. Watched Rumble. Man, i agree with you, it's terrible and Diesel and Booker Appearances didn't save it. In-rumble segments sucked. Especially Cena/Thatlittle guy and New nexus ,,Domination''. At least, the winner is great, i would be very happy to see Caras in Wrestlemania's main event.
PS-I would recommend you to watch independent federations(Especially CHIKARA, (it's comedy, pure comedy, but also great wrestling, best promotion for me.) or Japanese, if you really want wrestling.