jt's poker questions thread

2007-07-23 19:20:07 by jonthomson

Seeing how at the last check the poker club was basically dead, there's not likely enough demand to get it started again, but likely plenty of people who play the game on a regular or occasional basis. So, if you've got any questions, hands you want pointers on, or anything poker related, shove them here in a comment and I'll see what I can do. All I ask is if you're posting a hand, give as many details as you have - an online hand really just needs reads and tournament status (if relevant - basically runners, left, in rebuy period, near bubble or pay jump, on final table, etc), anything else needs effective stacks, position, action, everything else. It seems like a lot, but if you miss out a lot of this kind of things you'll likely end up with an "it depends" answer.

The image shows why I'm so good.

jt's poker questions thread


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2007-07-23 19:48:42

Should I go all-in with deuce-seven off suit, before the flop?

jonthomson responds:

It depends.


2007-07-23 21:06:44

What's the deal with freerolls? In worst case scenario, would i have to pay anything? Beacuse i'm really tempted at playing one, with the problem me being under 18 and such.

jonthomson responds:

You wouldn't have to pay anything, no, hence the term FREEroll. If you're not 18 you might have trouble cashing anything you make out, but anything that you do make in a freeroll that doesn't require any raked hands/points to play probably isn't worth cashing out anyway. If you just want to dick about or learn the game, you'll be fine.


2007-07-24 12:26:04

Do you play simply for pleasure or do you participate in tournaments? I play on PKR here and there but I'm usually too busy to play regularly.

jonthomson responds:

I play single table tournaments more or less exclusively. I play the occasional multi table tournament, but they tend to take too long, whereas I can play four STT's at once and they're all done in 45 minutes tops. I don't play for pleasure, I play for the money, next month I'll probably play in the region of 500 STT's.


2007-07-25 10:16:21

hey schnookums, how about a round of strip poker? ;)

jonthomson responds:



2007-07-26 12:01:45

So, you made a topic about how you have 15,000 topics, then someone says it's a stat thread, then you lock your own thread?

lol, you're mental.

jonthomson responds:

Damn straight.


2007-07-28 16:18:27

it depends

jonthomson responds:

It does indeed.


2007-07-29 11:40:32

I've recently started doing some online poker in my spare time. I've been sticking to the cheapo .5/.10 tables and it's been fairly easy to consistently earn about $10 an hour when I'm paying. I was just wondering if the skill level of players goes up with the stakes or if I'm better off staying low. Is there a range where you've found that you can make the most money with the least risk?

I'm playing against suckers who'll fold when all they need to do is call a nickle to see the flop against one other player. I want to make more money, but I'm just a sensible player, not a great one. I don't want to get over my head.

jonthomson responds:

I assume this is no limit - don't know what bankroll you're working on, but if you've got about fifteen buyins for the next level up (which'd be about $300-400 for 25NL), take a couple of buyin shots at the next level to see for yourself, knowing that you're properly rolled for your old buyin even if you get beaten.

Obviously the skill level will increase as you go up, but there's terrible players at all stakes, just less of them. 25NL shouldn't be a challenge for anyone who's semi-competent, but I wouldn't know as I don't play cash (and I'd probably be taking shots at 50NL anyway as I'm overrolled for 25NL) much. As to whether you'll make more can only be found out through experience really.


2007-07-29 22:25:55

Oh, and I'm not sure if this is something you'd even care enough about to know, but what's the best way for us yanks to get our winnings. Should I just wait to get a check delivered?

jonthomson responds:

Hmm, that's a bit tricky now seeing how you can't just use Neteller... A check is probably the way to go if your site supports that option.


2007-08-01 18:02:34

OK, let's put it this way...

In what kind of situations would YOU go all-in with deuce seven off-suit, before the flop? A few examples, at least (or just one).

jonthomson responds:

Single table tournament, 4 players left, three pay w/standard 50-30-20 payout, blinds 300/600.


UTG: 500
Button: 5500
SB (me): 4500
BB: 3000

UTG, button folds. It's profitable for me to push any two cards, because BB can't call and risk bubbling without a really good hand because UTG will be all-in next hand. The amount of times we pick up the blinds far outweighs what we lose in the event we're called and lose.

Similarly in an MTT when I've got a huge stack on the small blind and the big blind is crippled, if it's folded to me I'll push blind.


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