Entry #100


2013-10-30 15:24:18 by jonthomson

Only 13 years in the making.

With great power comes great responsibility, so here comes my manifesto of what CRAP will be BLAMMED:

- all "match 3" games. We've seen enough.
- all dress up games. We've seen enough.
- all Madness rip-offs. Come up with your own ideas. Krinkels Day is an exception, but you're not Krinkels.
- all "tests", "previews", "alphas", "betas", "demos", "works in progress" etc. Nobody gives a shit. Show us it where you've finished it, if you must show it someone, post in one of the forums after sticking the file in your dumping grounds and ask for thoughts.
- generic shovelware.
- stuff from various crews. The Clock Crew were elite. The Lock Legion were a rip-off, but generally solid. The Star Syndicate were mostly crap but had their moments. Everyone else can go fuck themselves.
- ill-optimised stuff that someone's converted badly because it isn't even proper Flash. Bonus points if you link to your Youtube channel and tell us to watch it there. Newgrounds isn't Youtube and doesn't need us to stream 200MB of stuff for 30 seconds of crap.
- unoriginal games. Pong, Snake etc were all cool in the 80's but I have no reason to see games which were perfected on my Nokia 3210 a decade and a half ago.
- anyone saying it's their first flash. Everything not covered above is treated on its merit and you're not deserving of special treatment.

This list is not exhaustive but if everyone followed this simple plan we might see more than 2 submissions blammed daily.

Well it's been a long time coming, but we're at the top now. Thanks to all those who I've met along the way, including Tom, Wade, James, Stamper, Luis, Mindchamber, Steve, Maus, CaptainBob, DarkArchon, mightypotato, pox, Tim, Mike, Bob, Jonas, -1, mamatequila, Dan, Funk, avie, Evark, Shawn, Bahamut, Bezman, Wonchop, Jawdyn, Dean and anyone else I've missed. It's been a blast.


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2013-10-30 15:25:20



2014-01-17 21:36:55

I actually think your a good guy, I mean, You been here near the beginning, Bless you sir!


2014-02-20 18:58:37

congratulations are in order, good sir.
so shiny, so pretty.

so no naked tom pics eh?

jonthomson responds:

long time no see. hope you are well. there are indeed a distinct lack of naked tom pics. OR ARE THERE?